Selling a home

The Thomas Davis Group has a "fiduciary duty" to their clients, and this means that the agents are held by law to owe specific duties to the person who they are legally representing, in this case, the seller. In addition to duties or obligations that are stated in a listing agreement , a fiduciary's duties include:

Sellers are obligated under Arizona law to disclose to buyers known material facts about a property. You should disclose the following potential house defects :

Purchase Contract

When you've got a serious buyer, you'll receive a written offer to purchase your home, called a purchase contract which states the finalized terms and conditions for the sale.

You won't have very long to decide whether or not to take the offer or propose a real estate counter offer so it's important to be informed ahead of time.

Common counter-proposal items include:

In Arizona, you can expect to pay for some or all of the following charges - called closing cost at the time you sell your home:

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